Saturday 15 January 2011

Theft of photos by deep linking

Stealing photographs from my website by deep linking is not without its perils.

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Flash and auto iso on the Nikon D7000

The way auto iso and flash interact on the D7000 seems to have changed since the D80. And the new algorithm seems to make a complete pig's breakfast of the job.

Here are 3 photographs, all taken at f5.6, 30th sec.
The first is without auto iso and flash. Iso is 100.
The second is auto iso and no flash. Iso is 2200.
The third is auto iso and flash. Iso is again 2200. You can see the shadows from the overhead domestic lighting and it seems the camera is trying to use a mixture of lighting, squelches the flash and puts up the iso instead. But the white balance for the mixed lighting does not appear to work. And the iso is ridiculously high.

I've taken another photograph where the camera has decided to use f8 and iso 6400, 6400 being the maximum iso I've allowed. That seemed to have been a very daft choice for a combination of settings.

The algorithm seems all wrong to me.