Tuesday 8 May 2007

Knife on my hand baggage

Today at Frankfurt airport, a knife was discovered on my hand baggage by the scanner machine. The offense was caused by one of the patches on my logo festooned backpack.

I wonder whether this would have caused amusement to security staff in other parts of the world?

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Difficulty closing a credit card account

I am trying to close an Alliance and Leicester credit card account. The trigger for this was that they started sending unsolicited credit card cheques.

They tell me it is closed. Then more unsolicited credit card cheques arrive. They tell me it is closed. Then today, about a month later, a statement arrives. Not a closing statement but a statement with a transaction on it. The transaction is "Interest £0." How can there be a transaction on a closed account? I asked Alliance and Leicester. I was told that the marketing department are 6 weeks behind. Since when are transactions on a closed account the marketing department?

If anyone would like to ring Alliance and Leicester and tell them that "Alan Clifford has closed his credit card account so please stop sending him stuff", the number is 08000 688 638. There is an irritating menu system but just wait and you eventually reach a person. Or +44 1244 673 700.

I couldn't find an email address but marketing@alliance-leicester.co.uk was accepted by their mail server. So send them an email, "Alan Clifford has closed his credit card account so please stop sending him stuff."

Other contact detail:
Alliance & Leicester plc,
Group Customer Relations, Customer Service Centre
Narborough, Leicester LE19 0AL
Tel 0116 200 4444
Fax: 0116 200 4150
Textphone: 0870 010 0161