Saturday 3 February 2007

A deep link to my website

I discovered that someone had stolen one of my photographs and put it on their blogsite.

And not only that, it was a deeplink rather than a copy so that every time someone looked at his blog, the picture was downloaded from my home server.

And not only that, he'd use a big picture to download and just shrunk it in his display.

If he's asked, and put up a by-line, I would have gladly let him use the picture of my wife and me in China. Anyway, I sent him an invoice and, true to form, he didn't reply but he did remove the deep link from his blog.

Thursday 1 February 2007

Can a few billion friends on the internet stop some sms spam (part 3)

Had a call from, I think she called herself, the marketing manager and she actually managed to address me as Mr. Clifford rather than Alan. I sensed she was about to launch into a spiel of verbal diarrhea so I asked her if esporta would stop sending me sms's. "Absolutely" she said (whatever happened to the word "yes"). "Thanks," I said and put the 'phone down.

Maybe they will stop.