Saturday 12 December 2015

Handicap Blues

I was having a really good start to the summer, including 23 points in a 9 hole stableford that cut my Congu handicap by 2.  So I went from 25.5 in June to 22.1 at the beginning of August.

Then a small operation followed by an 8 week golf hiatus.

Three not very good nine hole games in the UK then off to Barbados for the winter.

My handicap index in Barbados was 19.2 so played off 20 at Rockley and that was far too low for my post-op. ability.  The first game knocked a very good game from last January out of my 20 so my playing handicap went up by one, but that was still far too low. Most of my good scores were in the latter half of my 20 scores so played off 21 for a month.

There are indications I am getting back into the swing of things.  On Thursday, I drove past the yellow marker on the first fairway for the first time this winter.  On Tuesday, I scored 2 under handicap but, as it knocked a "3 under" off my record, I expect my handicap to go up to 25 at tomorrow's weekly recalculation.

The next score to drop of my handicap index is now a 4 under, the last remaining score from last March.

So, with getting my game back and with last winter's scores all gone, hopefully my handicap has topped out and I can try to get it down again.


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