Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Can a few billion friends on the internet stop some sms spam (part 2)

Had a call from esporta tonight. I asked them to stop sending me sms messages. The girl came over all grumpy and rude when I said it wasn't me who had actually asked them to call me. Then she lied, saying that all I had to do was ask them to stop sending me text messages. I explained that I had already asked and still they kept coming. She put the 'phone down.


Blogger Jay_Edelson said...

My law firm just settled a class action, resolving a case involving allegations of unsolicited text message transmissions. Under the settlement, each class member will receive up to $150. This is the first settlement of its kind.

We are trying to get the word out on this settlement, so that the members of the class will learn about it and claim their benefits.

The following people are eligable to receive funds from the settlement: ALL PERSONS WHO RECEIVED A TEXT MESSAGE between the dates of July 17, 2002 and July 17, 2006, FROM DISTRIBUTIVE NETWORKS, LLC or Astromobo.com or dailypopgossip.com or Madlovetips.com or dailydoseofblue.com or ringstarmobile.com without your prior express consent

We have set up a website at www.distnetsettlement.com where class members can learn about the settlement and obtain claim forms. Our law firm's website, should people want to contact us directly, is at www.blimlaw.com.

14 February 2007 at 18:17:00 GMT  

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