Thursday 18 January 2007

Can a few billion friends on the internet stop some sms spam

The story is this. I went for a trial day at Esporta health club in Guildford. Since then, they have been sending text messages to my mobile 'phone. They even rang me so I instructed them not to send me any more text messages. But they persist in continuing to send me text messages.

So perhaps a billion or two friends on the internet could send them an email with the words

"Please stop sending text messages to Alan Clifford"

to one or all of the addresses here: Guildford Esporta.

If you want to send the email from that is OK with me as it one of my blackhole addresses.

Alternatively, on that page, click on "make an online enquiry" and ask them to "call me now" using the following details in the web form:

Club location: Guildford
First name: Alan
Last name: Clifford
telephone: 07980 418683

Hopefully, with a billion or two emails from my internet friends, they might get the message.


Blogger Troy Norcross said...

Hi Nigel,

I had a similar exprience with Esporta and wound up writing to their Regional Manager before it all got stopped. But hey - that was back in 2005 and you would think they had cleaned up their act. (I still have his details).

Also - I would suggest that you remove your mobile number from the blog. There are crawlers that pick up mobile numbers and you could actually get more SPAM.

The worst part is that because you have made your number public, some nefarious marketer could say that you had implicitly given your permission to be marketed to!

23 January 2007 at 10:15:00 GMT  

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